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What is BVB-TV?

BVB-TV is the official video platform of Borussia Dortmund. Here you will find everything a BVB heart desires: every Bundesliga, European and DFB Cup game involving Borussia Dortmund, in-depth analysis of every competitive fixture, thrilling reports and all the latest BVB news.

How can I use BVB-TV?

A great deal of content is available free of charge. To access premium content, you need to register and sign up for a subscription.

What is premium content?

A subscription gives you access to a wide range of premium content alongside the free-of-charge offerings. This includes every Bundesliga, European and DFB Cup game involving BVB in full length straight after the final whistle, chat shows such as Brinkhoffs Ballgeflüster, Sparda Bank bewegt as well as exclusive reports and interviews.

How much does a subscription to BVB-TV cost?

You can gain access to all Schwarzgelb content for 1,99 euro per month. You can cancel the subscription on a month-by-month basis.

Which devices can I watch BVB-TV on?

You can watch BVB-TV on your PC, laptop or mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.)

Are matches broadcast live?

You can watch many BVB friendlies live on BVB-TV. Due to rights issues, we are not allowed to show competitive fixtures. These are available immediately after the final whistle.

Are there subtitles?

Yes, BVB-TV has this feature. German-language reports are usually available with English subtitles. Reports in other languages can be viewed with German subtitles. If a video is available with subtitles, it is marked UT. These can be turned on via video settings (in the bottom right of the player).

Can I continue to use my BVB total! subscription?

The first time you log in to BVB-TV you can decide whether to have your BVB total! credit reimbursed or whether you wish to change it into a BVB-TV subscription.